I first became involved in the dog fancy in 1972 with the purchase of my first German Shepherd Dog. When he neared six months old it became obvious that he needed some training, so I went to obedience school. I was immediately hooked.
          I have been involved in many aspects of showing dogs -- obedience, conformation (GSDs and Pembroke Welsh Corgis) and am now trying my hand at herding with my young GSD.  I've even put a UD and UDX title on a Miniature Poodle. He belonged to a friend who was unable to complete his titles.
          I also teach all-breed obedience classes at the Intermediate level at Austin Canine Central in Austin. This is just after they come out of basic and before they go into a "show" class. I really enjoy teaching this level. The dogs and handlers are eager to learn more than just the basics and many of them go on to achieve obedience and rally titles on their dogs.  It is really quite gratifying.
          My first job as Show Secretary was for the GSDC of Austin in 1974. It was the first licensed show for the Club, so we learned a lot together. The Show Chairman for the San Antonio GSDC talked me through every step.
          Over the years, I have been Show Secretary for many Clubs. I now perform this service for 12 Specialty Clubs and one obedience club. I do about 20 shows per year. I enjoy the work and meeting people from different breeds. I have made many friends that I would not have met otherwise.

Margaret Bleakney
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